Jobs in Australia

Jobs in Australia

"I need a visa to get a job and a job to get a visa."
If you’ve only just started researching a move to Australia, you may not be aware of a possible.Most migrants who apply for jobs in Australia while still in their home countries rarely even get a reply, let alone an interview.
Most job ads on Australia’s largest recruitment websites clearly state:
“You must have a work permit or residency permit to apply for this position.”
This is the Catch-22 so often discussed on migrant forums and in the press. It’s a real problem, but one many employers and recruiters are unaware of.
Jobs can be offered to migrants regardless of their visa status. Australian immigration policy links successful migration to having skilled employment. It’s becoming more and more difficult to successfully secure a visa without a job offer.
Frustrating, to say the least.
Our unique Journey to Work programme is designed to help you break this cycle.

Three simple steps to help you put your best foot forward

With Journey to Work, you’ll receive comprehensive job search assistance in three easy steps:
STEP ONE – Eligibility and employability
  • An immigration assessment – we’ll let you know if you qualify for a visa and how long the process will take.
  • An employment report – we’ll provide you with an overview of where you’re most likely to find employment matching your skills, qualifications and desires.
  • We will identify potential problems and any challenges that may affect your job in Australia and your visa outcome.
STEP TWO – Planning for success
  • Information-gathering: understanding your situation and your objectives.
  • CV review and enhancement: we’ll help you ‘Australianise’ your CV and cover letter.
  • Job search strategy development: we’ll develop a plan to help you find a job, saving time and targeting the best employers for your in the most appropriate locations.
STEP THREE – Implementation of Journey to Work
  • Active support: our Australia-based team acts as your ‘on the ground’ advocate, supporting you through the entire job search and application process.
  • Employer identification and education: we’ll pave the way and help eliminate obstacles.
  • Employer documentation: we’ll advise employers of their responsibilities, as well as help them with contracts, job offers and more.
  • Supported/fast tracked immigration: as experts in Australian visas and immigration, we can fast-track documentation and processes, advising both you and your employer as it progresses
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