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Buy an Instant Traffic Blast
Looking for a quick Traffic Blast?  How many targeted unique visitors would you like?  We've created traffic packages for any budget, big or small.

For your convenience, we offer both Moneybookers and Alertpay, Offline, Bank Wire, Western Union Money Transfer processing. Note: Traffic Blasts should finish within one day to one week, but this can vary depending on current demand. 

                                   Unique Traffic Packages
Package Starter Bronze Silver Gold Executive Corporate
Unique Visitors 1,000 5,000 10,000 50,000 100,000 300,000
Total Cost $9.95 $45.95 $90.95 $249.95 $599.95 $999.95
Cost per Visitor 0.9 cents 0.7 cents 0.5 cents 0.5 cents 0.4 cents 0.3 cents
Purchase Proceed Proceed Proceed Proceed Proceed Proceed

Please select the package that suits your needs.

Using Pk vacancies has really given my site way bigger exposure. Our site is modest but it has attracted the right people which we appreciate as we build our business.
The Benefits

Look at the benefits that massive amounts of hits will produce:

Increase Your Sales
More visitors means more people have a chance to buy your products and services.
Generate More Leads
Open your site to vast numbers of new prospects around the world in your target market.
Create Online Branding
Create awareness for your unique presence and your own branding on the Web.
Sell More Advertising
More visitors means more impressions and pageviews, and higher ad revenue.
Increase Your Valuation
A site that gets 100 visitors a month has less value than one with 100,000 a month.
Attract More Attention
Get people talking about your site and creating a buzz by word of mouth.
Earn Better Respect
Sites with traffic get noticed by people in the industry who will contact you to do business.
Be a Part of the Internet Elite
Take pride in your site and join the ranks of the top players benefiting from the Internet explosion.
- Rana Shahzad,   
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