Using Chitika Premium and Adsense to Create Multiple Revenue Streams

Like many other Adsense publishers, I’ve been seeing a serious drop in Adsense earnings over the last few months so I decided to give Chitika another shot using their Chitika Premium ads to alternate ad space with Google Adsense. If you are unfamiliar with Chitika Premium ads and you get a significant amount of US based organic traffic from search engines, you might want to consider utilizing the Chitika service because the ads are displayed based the search terms from which US visitors arrive at your site. For example, if somebody does a Google search for the term “Best Affiliate Programs” and arrives at my blog, the Chitika Premium ads will show relevant ads for those terms. If a suitable ad matching the search terms isn’t found, Chitika will load an alternate url which you can specify during the ad setup to display another ad network such as Adsense or Pepperjam Network.
My strategy is to use the Chitika premium ads first and as an alternate (backup) I use Adsense. Oddly enough my Adsense earnings have stayed the same but now I have the Chitika revenue in addition to the Adsense. I’ve been experimenting with this for about two months and for the first time this week, Chitika is out performing Adsense but the combined income has my earnings almost doubled from when I was running Adsense exclusively. Although the Chitika ads only show to US visitors who arrived at my site from organic search, the impressions are minimal but the number of click-thrus are greater than Adsense and the eCPM and CPC is far better than Adsense. Additionally, alternating two or more ad networks can certainly increase clicks because repeat visitors are likely to tune out
ads that look the same but mixing it up a bit definitely causes visitors to take a second look.
If you would like to try the experiment for yourself but are unsure how to setup the alternating ads, here’s a step by step guide to setting up Chitika Premium as a wrapper to Adsense.
1.) Create a Google Adsense ad block for your site and copy the code into an empty, new file named alt_chitika.php and save the file to your server.
2.) Login to your Chitika account and click “Get code”. You will see the Chitika | Premium option and click “Get Code” to create a new block of Chitika code for your site.
3.) In the “Optional Settings” box, type the url to the Adsense file you created in step 1 into the “Alternate Url” textbox.
4.) Insert the Chitika code into your website where you want to display the ads.
That’s it. Now your ad zone is setup to display  ads to any US based visitors who arrive at your site as a result of search engine traffic. Any other visitors will be shown the  code as an alternate. For most bloggers, you won’t see a significant decrease in your Adsense impressions or earnings but you will see that you now have two revenue streams.
If you are not using Adsense, you can still use Chitika to serve your main ads while using any other ad network to serve the alternate ads by following the steps above. If you’re already alternating ad networks using custom code, you can simply use the custom code url as your alternate url in the Chitika Premium setup.
If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave comments on this article or forum discussions : Affiliate Networks and Affiliate Programs.
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Using Chitika Premium and Adsense to Create Multiple Revenue Streams Using Chitika Premium and Adsense to Create Multiple Revenue Streams Reviewed by Humza Group on 9:57 PM Rating: 5

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