How to apply for an international job

How to apply for an international job


Most positions require at least 2 years experience after completion of education or training. Our industrial contracts / employers usually require at least 5 years experience.

  • Make sure resume is detailed particularly about your job duties.
  • Include your contact information and your e-mail address on your resume
  • Include exact dates of employment and education.
  • Specific job titles.
  • Details of job duties.
  • Include personal data, age, marital status etc.


  • Keep it simple.
  • We will accept the following as e-mail attachments.
  • Simple text ( txt ) files.
  • Simple word documents ( version 6 ) files.
  •  no fancy fonts please.


The most successful applications include a clear and derailed chronological resume that emphasizes your experiences and skilled. Any thing you can add to help them interpret your skilled to meet the needs of position would be beneficial.
The potential employer will make the hiring decisions based upon the decimations we provide to them.

Technicians / specialist:

Please list equipment, systems and procedures that you have worked with. Many times the job descriptions do not clearly define what the employer is looking for, if they can "see" it on your resume it help them to make a decision more quickly.
Medical professional:

  • Size of the facility.
  • Types and numbers of patients.

Teaching responsibilities.

  • List of equipment.
  • Specialized skills.
  • Supervisory experience, if any.

Breaks in employment:

Please explain all breaks in employment of longer then one month. (use a separate sheet).


In addition to the resume, please provide us when we asked copies of applicable documents:
diploma, degrees, transcripts, profession registration, certificates.

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