Take Your Small Business Online

Take Your Small Business Online A Step-by-Step Guide.

True story: A few days ago my new turquoise ring caught my friend’s eye. She’d been on the lookout for similar bling and asked where I bought my ring. I told her about the cool little shop a few hours away — and she asked for a website address.

No website = no sale.

I run across amazing small businesses all the time and, like most people, I then look for them online. That’s where we go to learn more, to connect, and to buy. So I’m always disappointed when a business fails to turn up in a web search.

It doesn’t have to be that way. With a little help, you can get your business on the web — with a dedicated website, social media pages, and online directory and map listings — in less time (and likely with less money) than you think.

Benefits of doing business online

Still not sure if getting online is worth your effort? Consider this.

You’ll be more accessible. A website is open 24/7 to showcase your products and services, contact information, store hours, and more.

You can build your brand. No matter how small your business, you can afford to use a website, social media profiles and other web-based efforts to raise brand awareness, establish credibility, and develop a customer base.

You can establish credibility. Just having a website makes you more credible in the eyes of today’s consumers. By putting great content on your site and elsewhere online (like your business’s Facebook page) you can set yourself up as an expert in your industry and a business that buyers can trust.

You can connect with customers. The Internet offers endless possibilities for engaging with your target audience, in real-time, in the comfort of your pajamas.

You can generate sales leads. Use your website, social media profiles, contact forms, and email marketing campaigns to drum up qualified leads.

Get in the game

Putting your business on the web means putting your business in the game. And playing to win means taking a strategic approach to building an online presence, including:

  • Getting a domain name that represents who you are and what you do at a glance.

  • Launching a website dedicated to telling your story.

  • Creating valuable content.

  • Making sure the right people see that content.

  • Using your website, email and directories to generate leads.

  • Measuring, then tweaking for improvement.
If you’re ready to get your business online but aren’t sure how to get started, our new ebook can help. The easy-to-follow guide will lead you through the basics — from selecting the right domain name to weighing your website building options to using web analytics to measure the success of your online efforts. The ebook includes practical worksheets to help you plan and execute your online strategy. And checklists at the end of each chapter make managing your progress a breeze.

Sign up to download your FREE copy of “Take Your Small Business Online: A Step-by-Step Guide for Launching Your SMB on the Web” to learn how to:

  • Register a great domain name for your business.

  • Plan your website approach.

  • Choose the best website building option.

  • Create remarkable content.

  • Attract the attention of search engines.

  • Get started with social media (including time-saving tools).

  • Drive traffic to your website.

  • Use email to generate sales leads.

    … and much more!
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Take Your Small Business Online

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