Creating Paypal Account In Pakistan

PayPal Account In Pakistan
About this article.
Many People ask me various questions about paypal. Some of them are totally unaware of digital currency basics while others are afraid of scam and want to know how we can verify an account since paypal never works in Pakistan. So, I have decided to put together all the information and write an article that will cover all the topics of paypal in pakistan.
What is Paypal?
Well... for those of you who don't know , paypal is an online currency that you can use to buy and sell electronically. For more information you can goto Opening an account is free of charge , so don't hesitate to open an account.

Why should you verify and How to verify your account?
With verified paypal account you can send and receive money with no limits , people tend to accept only verified paypal account. More information about paypal verification can be found here.

People usually ask me how will you verify my account ? , some say Pakistan is not listed in their country list so how is that possible , are you verifying for real and how?.
Well this is no rocket science, Yes , Pakistan is not in the paypal country list . it means that you can not select pakistan and put your address , bank account , credit card and verify. So is there no chance to verify?
There is , yes , i once visited a website , not a long ago i think in 2008-2009, that offered to verify paypal acount if you send them their fees. They didn't offered any explanation about how it will work.
But i am not going to do that and keep my country men in dark. Yes , You can verify your account if you have Virtual Credit Card. Now what is virtual credit card? , i am not going to cover in this topic you can refer to the link in left.

I will start again here , open a paypal account , select premier , in the country list choose , UAE , i will prefer that , but you can choose any................... but wait ..... be sure you don't select a country that is in paypal receive only list. ..... yes it happened to me once and i wasted one Virtual Credit Card (VCC) on that. One example is Saudia Arabia , if you select that country you don't have the option to "Request Money" in your paypal account. So no one can send you money and you are locked up with your money wasted for a paypal account that is imp***nt (oh sorry for my language.).For phone number you can give your actual phone number eg(00923009834040),for address you can but any , for city and zip search google and give a real city name and its zip code. Now that you have an account goto verify your account and put your vcc details. Paypal will charge some amount to your credit card and will send a code(memo) to veify if you acutally own this Card. Now all you have to do is put that 4 digit code and your verification is complete. Hurray you have a verified paypal account now and you can use it.
About Virtual Credit Cards(VCC).
Well as i said i am not going to cover much about virtual credit cards here , but i thought i should discuss the issues that are only related to finding VCC here , You can find virutal credit card easily. You can search the google for one , or you can just click the link on your left , Yes we also sell VCC , if you don't like to buy from us you can search the web. Our rates of VCC can be found on VCC page. We also allow discount on bulk purchases. And we accept payment via bank deposit , so you don't need to worry about sending payment to us , unlike foreign sellers.
After Verification, Some suggestions.
Now you can use your account without limits , but you need to keeps a few things in mind. I will list them one by one.
Don't use any proxy to open your account. Use your regular internet connection , that you used to register the account.
Some people might argue that , paypal don't operate in Pakistan and they will limit the account if opened from Pakistani IP.
Well my reply to that is , paypal can't do that , they use to operate globally. what if i live in UAE and travel to pakistan and try to access my account? Should they block my account? why, because I traveled to Pakistan? Well.. this is not going to make in any sense. All have have to do is don't use any proxy , use your regular connection , Clear your cookies before you open your account.
When paying money , ensure that the receiver is trusted. Believe me you might limit your account if you deal with with a scammer. How? i am not going to explain that. lets move further.... don't open a claim ...... never. Yeah , if you open a claim paypal staff may check your account personally and may limit your account and ask for additional identity verification.
Some of you may ask here what is that "Claim"? , claim is some thing that paypal offers to protect its buyers from scam.
If you don't receive the goods after you have paid , you can claim for the refund of the money. Paypal will open a case for you to get your money back , that's called Claim.
And the most important thing.......... Don't accept payment from untrusted source. If a scammer sends you a payment from a hacked account , its most likely that you are going to get your account limited.
Some of you may still be thinking what is that "Account Limited"? , i am sorry i should have explained earlier, In a nutshell limited account means you can not send the money you have in your account.
If you want to find more about it click here.
I have already told you the major tips to avoid Account limitation. And i would like to add one more thing from my experience , After you have verified your account try not receive/send the money for atleast 48 hours , yes about 2 days. Leave the account as it is. You can find some more tips here too. But all these are tips , paypal may still limit your account with apparently no reason.
Ok , thats enough for verification. lets continue.
Receiving Money/Cashing out your balance/Accepting Credit Card.
You can receive money from any one who has a paypal account. You can not load money from your bank account in pakistan nor you receive money in your bank account directly in pakistan. If you want to load some balance into your paypal account we offer this facility. Click on the BUY button on your left to buy some balance now. How it will work? you will deposit money to our bank account and we will send you your required paypal balance. Simple!
About converting your paypal to cash! , unfortunately you can not do that while you are in pakistan. Now you have few options left that are:
1)-Buy some thing online.
2)-Spend on ebay.
3)-Ask your friend that lives in paypal enabled country to recieve and send you the money.
You might be thinking that its not good deal , I want cash by hand. Well there is still one hope left.... you can sell your paypal balance to us.............. but wait, wait..... don't run too fast. We have some conditions and limitations. We accept only from clients that are trusted (with atleast 3 transactions). Have old paypal verified account and we buy only upto our market requirements. Use the contact us page to sell your balance to us , include the amount you want to sell , be sure to check our buying rates first.
Some one asked me that he wants to accept credit card on his website , so can he accept via paypal.
I don't have much knowledge about you can check the website of paypal about that , but i think yes you can accept
My suggestion would be not involve in that. the reason is that credit card owner has the options to get back his money even after 6 weeks. So, it would not be a good deal in my view.
The moral of the story is that you can verify paypal account in pakistan. Use it with no limits. Can receive cash from it to some limited extent. I hope that this article was informative and useful. Thanks for reading.
Let my fingers rest for some time.... ahhhhhhhhhh...... The article has ended.... are you still reading...?
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