Guide to Backlinks for SEO, How to Make them Where to Place them

What are Backlinks

Okay, If you are a seasoned pro at Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then this article will be of little value to you. However, if you are just now taking your baby steps on generating revenue from online methods then this article will be crucial to your understanding of the value of quality backlinks.
If you're just starting out, you will see terms like: backlink, backlinks, quality backlinks, high PR backlinks. And you'll be thinking, "what the heck is a backlink?" Simply put, you can thnk of a backlink as a directional pointer to your web site or article, or whatever you are promoting.
Some backlinks carry more weight than others and then some carry no weight at all. It all depends on where you place the link and the type of link you are placing. Some links will generate targeted traffic. Targeted traffic comes from people that search for your keywords on the search engines and find your link embedded in an article, blog , or forum post.
Some links carry what the SEO guru's call Google Juice. Links with Google Juice are those that are placed in publicly viewable profiles on High PR (Page Rank) sites. For example, Hubpages has a Page Rank (PR) of 6 and allows us to create a profile and place backlinks inside the text. When the search engines do what they do, they send a spider that crawls the profile and notes the backlink and credits it to the targeted site as being worthy of a PR6 site, therefore giving it Google Juice.
Then there are those links that carry no weight at all with the search engines but that does not mean they are worthless. Links that carry no search engine weight are those that are tagged "nofollow." The "nofollow" tag simply tells the search engine spiders that, yes there is a link to another site here but the current site is not endorsing the targeted site. That's not to say that sites that have the "dofollow" tag endorse the targeted sites, they only endorse the member that is posting the backlink.
These "nofollow" backlinks can have value if you are an active member or contributing member of a site and build community relationships with other members. If your fellow members become friends or fans then they can likely send traffic to your profile which will have the link pointing to whatever you are promoting.

Do you get it now?

Don't get discouraged, everyone was new once.

Where to get Backlinks

Getting backlinks is not that hard, it is time consuming which makes it a challenge for people with limited time. If you read my hub on the Easiest ways to get backlinks, you would know that it only takes time. You're results are reflected by your effort

A freebie for you

Okay, I must be crazy but I'm going to give you a small list of places where you can place a backlink. This list is a list that I created. Similar lists are selling on sites like the Warrior Forum at $20 a pop. These are self discovered sites and I have backlinks on them myself.
When you go to each of these sites, you will have to resgister as a member and confirm your membership through an email responder. Once you are confirmed, you will be allowed to create a membership profile. Inside the profile, you can place an anchor text that points to whatever you are promoting. If you are unfamilliar with what an anchor text is, look above at the blue colored links. Those are anchor texts that I have pointing at mine and Sunstreeks hubs.
Here's the list:
  1. this is a PR5 site
  2. this is a PR6 site
  3. this is a PR7 site
  4. this is a PR7 site
  5. this is a PR8 site
  6. this is a PR8 site
  7. this is a PR8 site
  8. this is a PR9 site
Here is a tip, when you get to these sites, they usually have a page entitled "links." Go to that page and follow the links and sometimes you will find a similar site that will allow you to become a member and make a profile.
If you're not already a member here at hubpages the JOIN HERE and get a link on a PR6 site from within your new profile.

How to make a link

I understand that many of you reading this are very green and need all the information you can get so here is all the information I have... ;)
Most sites have their own way of doing things but similar sites have similar qualities. Blogs and article directories and many of the sites I listed above require HTML for placing links.Forums mostly require BB code and Wiki's require something entirely different. But all of them generally allow anchored text when it comes to backlinks.

Here is how to make the links:
HTML Set Up:

<a href="">ANCHOR TEXT</a>
BBCode Set Up:

[url=http:/]ANCHOR TEXT[/url]
Textile Set Up:

Wiki Markup Set Up:

[url:ANCHOR TEXT|http:/]
Wiki 2 Set Up:

Regular Wiki Set Up:


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