How to Create Great Content

Write Useful, Original, High-Quality Content

Welcome to HubPages! Now that you are ready to start your first Hub, it's important we let you know about what it takes to be a successful Hubber. First off, HubPages is not your personal blog. Many new Hubbers make this mistake and come on HubPages to leave a blog-type Hub. HubPages provides a platform to express yourself and share your expertise. Purely personal topics, substandard content, and proposals of dubious value won't make the grade here. HubPages is the best place to publish online, but the content has to be high quality or your readers will quickly go elsewhere which hurts our whole community.
Our job is to get you off to a great start from the get go! To do that, we want to give you a couple of tips about what type of content does well here.

The Key To Gaining Readership is to Write High Quality Content!

So you want to be an online writer superstar, adored by legions of faithful readers? Don't laugh--if you have talent and some great things to share, you might very well be the next online phenom. You can also earn money from your content because the more readers you get, generally the more you can earn via Google AdSense or the HubPages Earning Program.
Here are the things that make a great Hub, to help you organize your creative process:
  1. Write about topics that interest people like you.
  2. Add original, high-quality pictures, videos, and other useful capsules.
  3. Review your Hubs for spelling and grammar mistakes.
  4. Make sure your writing is your own.
  5. Include enough information to make it really useful to your reader.
  6. Final check: is your content better than what's out there?
Let's go through each point in a little more depth.
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