Recon Jet: Google Glass For Sportsmen


Apple Apply For The “iWatch” Trademark
Posted: 02 Jul 2013 08:00 AM PDT
It looks as though Apple are following the trend for smartwatches, after the company applies for the “iWatch” trademark in Japan.  The application was submitted on June 3 and appeared on the Japan Patent Office website on June 27.
The name is categorized as being for products like handheld computers or watches.
Apple watch
There have been rumours that Apple was working on wearable technology but Apple never confirmed them. However, one of their latest ads shows a watch with a very apple-esq design; this ad and the fact that they have applied for the patent, is making it look more likely that a smartwatch is in the pipeline.
Bloomberg claims to have two sources who say that Apple have a team of about 100 product designers working on a smartwatch, which  would be connected to iOS devices, including the iPhone.
It is rumoured that Google is also working on a smartwatch, along with other major companies in the market, not to mention Sony who already have a smartwatch in the product lineup.
Recon Jet: Google Glass For Sportsmen?
Posted: 02 Jul 2013 07:00 AM PDT
The Recon Jet resembles the Google Glass mounted on a pair of polarised sunglasses.  Recon have made similar products before (Recon's Android ski goggles).  This time the company is back with an new design for the summer sportsman.
The product is called the Recon Jet, at a cost of $500, the apparatus resembles something like Google Glass except instead of the screen sitting above the wearers line of sight, it sits slightly below.  The whole kit is mounted on a pair of sporty looking polarised sunglasses.  The hardware interfaces with your iPhone or Android handset to use a variety of phone functions and apps (calls, text messages, weather, navigation, social media etc) while relaying your speed, distance travelled, elevation and more.
You can also link the Jet to wearable fitness gadgets to keep track of things like your heart rate; though Recon has not made the list of such compatible devices available just yet.  The Recon Jet also features a built-in camera for recording video and snapping photos. Everything is controlled via a touch-sensitive pad on the right-hand side of the glasses, which Recon says can be manipulated even if you are wearing gloves.  And like the Recon ski goggles, you can upload all your stats and share them with other Recon users online.
The battery life is promised to be between four and six hours and the battery can be swapped out with another one if you do not have time to wait for it to recharge.  The whole system weighs just over two ounces.
Recon is marketing the Jet toward endurance athletes such as cyclists, triathletes and runners.  The cost of the system initially will be $500 for the Pilot Edition until July 21st this year, after which it will cost you $600.  Even if you purchase a pair today you will have to wait approximately five months before you can receive your goodies, by which time it will be winter again and you’ll need to get out your Recon ski goggles!
Google Making Android-powered Gaming Console?
Posted: 02 Jul 2013 06:00 AM PDT
Although there has been no official confirmation, the Internet is abuzz with reports that software giant Google aims at getting a slice of the hardware market, first by releasing an Android-powered gaming console.
The rumor was first reported by the Wall Street Journal and has been spreading across the world wide web, yet Google refuses to confirm or deny the story, which also mentions plans to develop a smartwatch.
Google Making Android-powered Gaming Console?
The Wall Street Journal cited unnamed sources as saying that besides an Android-powered gaming console and a smartwatch, Google is also planning to release a revamped, improved version of the Nexus Q. The Nexus Q set-top media streaming device was first announced at last year's I/O conference but was never released for sale.
According to the same sources, Google is planning to design and market the console and smartwatch itself and release at least one of the two later this year. The move is also aimed at spreading the use of Android software to other devices beyond smartphones and tablets.
No other details are available for the time being, but the development of an Android console and a smartwatch is also seen as a direct move on rival Apple, which is believed to release its own smartwatch this year and has plans to add gaming capacities to its next Apple TV product.
An Android-powered gaming console is nothing new, as several gaming devices running on this operating system have been released recently. The most notable are Nvidia's Shield handheld console and the Ouya.
The Shield is carrying a hefty price tag that places it in the same league with the Big Three of the gaming industry:  Microsoft's Xbox, Sony’s PlayStation and Nintendo’s Wii U. But Ouya is a much more affordable device: fresh off a successful Kickstarter campaign that raised $8 million, the console sells for only $99 and is already sold out on Amazon.
It remains to be seen what market segment the Google console will target: the big-game, big-buck segment dominated by Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo or the more accessible and affordable market currently represented by Ouya? What's certain is that with such a strong brand and name behind, both the console and the smartwatch have a big chance to upset the current balance of forces on the hardware market.
What do you think of Google's plans? What features would you like to see in a Google gaming console?
Kickstarter Opens Up To Canada-Based Projects
Posted: 02 Jul 2013 05:00 AM PDT
Yesterday was Canada Day, with Canadians and friends celebrating the world over. While some may have their fun at the expense of the nice people of Canada, there is another reason to celebrate for its citizens: starting this summer, Kickstarter is going to open up its doors to projects based in Canada.
Canada Kickstarter
There are no specific details regarding the launch, but if you visit the Canada Kickstarter page, you can sign up for updates so that you’ll be one of the first to know when things actually get going. You simply have to enter your email address and choose a category – presumably for a potential project that you would like to launch when Canada Kickstarter gets in first gear.
Kickstarter has received more than a fair amount of success with awesome products, but it has also has had its mishaps, the seduction guide project in particular. The platform has certainly helped a lot of entrepreneurs, although it has also been on the receiving end of satirical endeavors. If you have not heard of Kickstopper yet, then you have to see this video - if only for laughs.
Parody notwithstanding, Kickstarter is not alone in its niche. With competitors such as Indiegogo providing support for projects based in countries outside of the US – Canada included – it was only a matter of time till Kickstarter opened its doors to more countries. If you remember, it was only last year that the crowdfunding platform opened its doors to UK-based projects.
With this move, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear more innovative products coming out of Canada. There are already Canadian entrepreneurs using the platform, but they have had to do make some moves to make sure that their project is qualified. With Canada Kickstarter in the making, funding issues should soon be a problem of the past.
Any Canadians out there? Get your projects ready!

Drayson Racing Electric Car Breaks World Speed Record
Posted: 02 Jul 2013 05:00 AM PDT
Electric cars are not traditionally associated with the idea of super-speed, but this is gradually beginning to change.  After Nissan recently unveiled a superfast electric-gasoline powered hybrid, a UK Drayson Racing electric car broke the world land speed record.
Drayson Racing Technologies' electric model, Lola Drayson B12 69/EV, reached an impressive speed of 204.185 mph or 328.6 km/h, last week in Yorkshire.
Drayson Racing Electric Car Breaks World Speed Record
With Drayson Racing CEO and ex-science minister Lord Paul Drayson behind the wheel, the electric vehicle easily swept past the previous speed record of 175 mph or 281.6 km/h, set by Battery Box General Electric in 1974.
To qualify for the world speed record, according to Federation Internationale de l'Automobile regulations, the vehicle had to weigh less than 2,204lb (one ton) without a driver. This was achieved by Drayson Racing by modifying a Le Mans Series car originally powered by fuel. The fuel engine was replaced with a 20 kilowatt hour lithium-ion phosphate battery with an 850 HP output.
The Drayson Racing electric car's chassis is made of lightweight recycled carbon fiber, while the 4×2-640 drivetrain is proprietary Drayson technology and consists of 4 motors with integrated transmission. The vehicle can accelerate from zero to 62 mph (100 km/h) in three seconds.
After the record run, Drayson said his company's model will hopefully show to the people the potential of electric vehicles.  Drayson Racing is already working with other companies to come up with more sustainable automotive technologies with the end goal of having these technologies widely available for the public in the near future. Until then, Drayson is planning to take its record-shattering vehicle to the Formula E championship, scheduled to be held in September 2014.
Nissan's hybrid, the ZEOD RC (which stands for Zero Emission on Demand Racing Car), is able to reach speeds of over 186 mph and can easily switch between petrol power and electric power.
The car will take part in the Le Mans 24 race next year, Nissan hoping that the competition will be a challenging test for their technology, which will hopefully be used in road cars as well in the future.
Check out the Drayson Racing vehicle's record-breaking run in this video and share your thoughts in the comments below.

PayPal Set To Enter Space
Posted: 02 Jul 2013 03:00 AM PDT
It would seem that the world is just not big enough for PayPal as they aim towards handling financial transactions for astronauts, space travellers and tourists.
Commercial space travel is getting closer to becoming an everyday reality and PayPal want to prove that they are ready for such progress. On Thursday they announced the launch of PayPal Galactic, which is  designed to address the upcoming need for universal payments from space.
space travel
Along with experts from the scientific community, including SETI Institute and Space Tourism Society, PayPal worked on the new initiative that will be able to handle financial transactions for those travelling in space.
Buzz Aldrin, an astronaut and author who took part in the announcement said “Trips to Mars, the moon, even orbit will require we provide astronauts and astro-tourists with as many comforts from home as possible, including how to pay each other. Whether it’s paying a bill, even helping a family member on Earth, we’ll need access to money.”
“I think humans will reach Mars, and I would like to see it happen in my lifetime,” Aldrin added. “When that happens, I won’t be surprised if people use PayPal Galactic for the little things and the big ones.”
Although a brilliant and forward-thinking plan, there are some things to consider about the PayPal Galactic initiative. For example, how will our current banking system have to adapt? Risk and fraud management is an on-going discussion on earth, so how will it fare in space?
Of course space travel is still a way off, so there is still time to address any issues and develop protocols for the necessary currency and transactions.

Good Timing

The first commercial trip to space is set to take tourists in December and according to PayPal president David Marcus, there are plans for constructing a space hotel in three years. So they obviously feel getting ahead of the game will be worthwhile.
However Jeff Foust a senior analyst at Futron commented by saying “It’s at least a little bit ahead of its time, and maybe a lot ahead of its time. At some point down the road, and maybe in terms of decades, we have to start thinking about payment and currency infrastructure.”
“If you’re going to be on a suborbital flight, you’re only going to be in flight for a few minutes,” Foust said. “You’re not going to buy something on eBay. At some point far down the road, we need to take action on these things.”
Still with private projects planned to take volunteers into space, many of them will no doubt be in need of PayPal Galactic and PayPal will be glad they were ahead of time.
Turn Your IPhone Into A Gun (Well Almost)
Posted: 02 Jul 2013 02:00 AM PDT
‘I know what your’e thinking, did I make six calls or only five?’
So it has come down to this.  People cannot be bothered to wait for a gun licence anymore and are just buying one of these instead.
The clever minds at Shenzhen, China’s Sunsky Ltd., “Wholesalers from China“, have designed a case for the iPhone which has a pistol like look to it.  In fact I’d go on to say it is a pistol (minus the firearm side of things).  For a mere $9.62 you can take one of these home and there’s no waiting for your firearm licence either!
And if you have 99 friends who might also be happy to walk round with a fake revolver in their pocket or if you want to make a splash at your next local gun show, you can buy a case of 100 on sale for only $943.  Perhaps you don’t like the silver grey colour it comes in? that’s not a problem for your gun enthusiasts at Shenzhen! this item is also available in Black, Golden and  Rose Gold.  But should you not be of the type who would feel comfortable with even a fake gun in your pocket or purse those clever minds at China’s Sunsky Ltd have other crazy products to offer as well.  Maybe a knife will take your fancy instead?  Then check out the Knife Handle Style Plating Skinning Plastic Shell for iPhone 5.
Maybe you are concerned about your judgement at closing time? There’s an iPhone Alcohol Tester just waiting advise you on your sobriety.  Or do you simply want to befuddle your friends with an inscrutable iPhone accessory? Check out the Happy Elephant Special Lens & Filter Turret with Plastic Case for iPhone 5?  I wonder if Dirty Harry would have had the same impact with an iPhone rather than a .44 Magnum?
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