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Posted: 03 Jul 2013 08:00 AM PDT
It has been reported that Apple have hired the former CEO of Yves Saint Laurent, Paul Deneve, to work on “special projects”.
The report was first confirmed by Adam Satariano a Bloomberg reporter, who tweeted that Deneve will report to Apple’s CEO  Tim Cook.  Satariano was told, “We’re thrilled to welcome Paul Deneve to Apple.”
Paul Deneve
Paul Deneve worked for Apple in the 1990s
Deneve has had an interesting career, working for Courreges, Nina Ricci and Lanvin. But more interestingly, he spent seven years working at Apple during the 1990s in European sales and marketing.
Needless to say, he won’t be joining the sales team this time. With Apple set to explore wearable technology like the iWatch, who better to advise them on design and fashion sense than someone who has made it their mission to make people look trendy?
It seems that Apple are really keen to make their new products look great, maybe in a bid to make them stand out from the competition. Tim Cook recently called wearable computers and “incredibly interesting” market that was “ripe for exploration”.
Whatever Yves Saint Laurent’s former designer comes up with, we’re sure there will be some great brain storming sessions between Deneve and Jony Ive when it comes to design!
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Posted: 03 Jul 2013 07:00 AM PDT
Sony have announced, from 09:00 on July 2nd, that they have started distributing the Gran Turismo 6 playable demo free via PlayStation Store; but you hard core racing drivers had better hurry as the game is only available until July 30th (for the qualifying GT Academy event, the demo is available until July 28th)!
Gran Turismo 6 is due for release in the fourth quarter of this year (expect a December release).This demo is expected to be only for the truly qualified racing enthusiasts as the circuits will be full of GT fans across participating countries (currently Europe and North America).  The demo proves to have some really nice features with goals such as: setting the fastest lap time at the Silverstone Circuit and competing at a national final event for a chance to attend a race camp at Silverstone, UK.
The Gran Turismo series of racing games have always rated extremely high in most players’ portfolios, as the sheer scope of the games are massive and all the fresh features and clean user interface have a super polished feel.  The gameplay is second to none in offline mode and when connected to play other gamers around the globe, the experience is heightened exponentially.
Previous GT Academy winners (Jordan Tresson, Lucas Ordoñez, Wolfgang Reip and Jann Mardenborough) have gone on to race at some of the world's finest tracks. The winner from race camp will ultimately train in a driver development programme and could have the potential to earn a chance to qualify as a Nissan racing driver!  The first 2008 GT Academy champion Lucas Ordóñez, takes the role of mentor in this demo.  So go on, what are you waiting for?  Take a sneak peek into the future world of Gran Turismo 6!
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Posted: 03 Jul 2013 06:00 AM PDT
As the world geared up to tackle the second half of the year, messaging icon Skype had some good news to share with its users: Skype for Android has reached the milestone of 100 million users. To avoid any confusion, that figure refers to the 100 million installs the Android app has received.
Skype has been one of the usual suspects in the world of messaging apps, and while it has not always been available on Android, it has certainly caught on easily. Recently, Skype for Android underwent a revamp, one which involved a complete redesign, according to an official blog post. (Emphasis mine.)
Revamped Skype for Android Gets 100M Installs - So Far
We've completely redesigned Skype for Android to be faster and easier – especially when you're trying to fire off a quick message. Everything is at your fingertips. As soon as you open the app, you'll notice the clean new look listing your recent conversations – just tap on one to catch up and reply. When you tap or swipe over to the Contacts or Favorites tabs, tapping on a person brings you right into a messaging window so you can start a conversation. And from there video calls, voice calls and everything else are just one tap away.
With mobile messaging apps cropping up like there were no tomorrow, this redesign for Skype for Android was certainly in order. From WhatsApp to imo to WeChat – the space is very quickly getting crowded, and for some consumers, it can be a hassle to keep up with all the new players. Of course, if the new messaging apps offer a better experience than the old ones, there is always a reason to switch. Hence the need for old guards like Skype to keep up with the times.
From the looks of it, Skype is doing a pretty good job of taking the newcomers to school. Here’s the promotional video that has been making the rounds.

[Image via Skype]
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Posted: 03 Jul 2013 05:00 AM PDT
Google Glass now has a web browser, after Google added new updates to the wearable technology on Monday. They say they have made it easier to find new content and communicate hands-free.
In a Google+ post the company said “We’ve been exploring ways to let you quickly dive deeper and get exactly the information you need, right when you need it. To test it out, search for something and then tap on the ‘View website’ screen to bring up the web page.”
By using the Google Glass touchpad, a user can navigate around a webpage, in a similar way that they would use a mouse or touchscreen on a laptop. By sliding a finger forward on the touchpad, the user can scroll down a webpage.
Google Glass
To zoom, the user has to slide two fingers forward or backward. Then hold two fingers down on the touchpad and move their head around to pan; as the user looks around, they tap to select the centre of the screen.
Google has also said that they are working harder to help users communicate more efficiently with others using hands-free. A user can ask the device to read text messages aloud or use voice commands to write and send responses.
The company added that all the updates will automatically be added to Google Glass over the coming days.
[Image via digitaltrends]
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Posted: 03 Jul 2013 04:00 AM PDT
Hon Hai Precision Industry (the main manufacturer of Apple’s iPhone and iPad) better known by its international trading name: Foxconn, have just showcased a smartwatch that can be connected wirelessly to an iPhone.  This new innovative product, which the company hopes will be part of its future revenue growth, has been given no release date as yet, or any other marketing information is currently known.
Foxconn Smartwatch
The wearable technology can be used to check phone calls, Facebook posts and measure the user’s vital signs such as heartbeat and respiration.  Foxconn executives said while showing the watch at a shareholders meeting last week. Foxconn chairman Terry Gou said his company’s wireless communications and medical research groups also plan to add new features in the future such as fingerprint identification to the gadget to help record personal information and health data.  If the measuring results are not within optimal range, the device will automatically give suggestions to the user about how to improve them, the executives said.  “With such a device, you can keep your phone in your pocket and simply check all kinds of messages on your watch,” Gou told shareholders.
The Foxconn smartwatch has come at a time when the internet is rife with many speculations and predictions that Apple will launch a similar device, the iWatch, later this year as its next breakthrough product to intensify its battle with Google in the emerging wearable technology sector.  Further credence to these rumours have been solidified by Apple applying for the trademark “iWatch”
In April last year, Google announced a trial project for its Glass device (a cross between a mobile computer and a pair of spectacles that can record video and access emails and messages, as well as surf the internet)  The device is equipped with a camera capable recording 720p video and 5-megapixel images as well as  12GB memory and Wi-Fi connectivity.  Since then Google Glass has been well received by developers and those fortunate enough to get their hands on the device.
The wearable technology race is on! Who will win? Google? Apple? Foxconn?
[Image via vibiznews]
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Posted: 03 Jul 2013 03:00 AM PDT
In the battle of next-generation consoles, Sony's PlayStation 4 has so far managed to keep well ahead of its rival Microsoft's Xbox One, benefitting from a $100 lower price and a more open digital rights management policy.
The Xbox One will retail for $499, while the PlayStation 4 will be priced at $399. Microsoft eventually backtracked on its controversial DRM policies and used game restrictions, which made Sony Computer Entertainment America CEO Jack Tretton (photo) note drily that the tech giant "finally got the message."
Sony: Microsoft Finally Got the Message
Tretton was quoted by IGN as saying that Sony spent more than 5 years listening to consumers' feedback in developing the PlayStation 4. The Sony boss also commented on the fact that Microsoft gave up its restrictions in response to fans' anger saying that "it's better late than never."
According to Tretton, Sony officials had no idea that their E3 conference last month would be such a success, as they were unsure if the PS4 price and features would be able to stack up against Microsoft's own console. Both tech giants revealed their new consoles on the same day at the E3, but while Microsoft's event left gaming fans disappointed, Sony's was very successful, triggering applause and cheers from the audience.
The Sony CEO also denied reports that the E3 event and the PlayStation 4 price were changed to make their console more competitive against the Xbox One, saying that such decisions are normally made months in advance. Tretton also said Sony went for a lower price for the PS4 because it learned from the mistakes it made with the PS3, which launched with quite a hefty price tag.
PS4 Eye deliberately removed?
Tretton's comments came amid reports that Sony gave up plans to include a camera add-on with the PlayStation 4 precisely in order to beat Microsoft's Xbox One price. Sources said Sony's originally planned price for the PS4 was $499 and after sacrificing the PlayStation 4 Eye, they were able to cut $100 off.
Sony will be retailing a Kinect bundle separately, for $60, but according to gaming experts, without the camera, a major feature of the console's DualShock controller – the LED move tracker, will become largely useless.
It remains to be seen how this will affect the competition between the two consoles in the long run. So far, the PS4 is in the lead, with some impressive pre-order figures reported by both Sony and by retailers.
Do you think the built-in Kinect will help Xbox One take the lead? And is the feature worth the extra $100? Let us know in the comments below.
[Image via cnet]
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